Sunday , April 18 2021

This Friday sees the release of "Days Gone", adventure through post-apocalyptic world Technology

Photo: Gift

Photo: Gift | SA Games

Video Game «Days were flying»Try to turn on the genre of«survival horror"With the protagonist, St. John's bell, which strives to become one of the new heroes of this Friday PlayStation.

"Day Gone", released only for the PlayStation world, is one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year, after suffering several years of delays, since it was released in 2016 in E3.

With a total of 30 hours playing in his main narrative, the video game is part of the genre of "horror of survival" (horror and survival genre) and has the motto "The world against you".

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The game mechanism pretends to be "as hard as possible", as Garvin explains during a video game presentation Madrid last March

Garvin, author of trilogy «Siphon filter"Or"Unnamed: The Golden Abode«He spent more than five years in the script and the development of« Days Gone ». The biggest challenge, he admits, is to give him the "emotional context" of the character.

"What makes various video games is that the player spends a lot of time with their character, which generates a relation of empathy among them, which in this case also has an axis of hope for survival," Garvin explained.

With an open-source format, the video game depicts the journey of St. John's deacon through a post-political world devastated by a pandemic. A motorcycle trip through the forest in Oregon is reminiscent of passages from the «Sons of Anarchy"And"Mad Max«.

During the game, the protagonist faces countless enemies: "freakers" – human-infected by the virus that has destroyed world-wide, mutant animals or "novices" – hunters who are trying to survive by killing other people

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