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They regret the death of painter Arnaldo Roche

Author Rosa Escribano Carrasquillo
17/11/2018 | 12:18 pm

Death of the porter painter Arnaldo Roche Roble
generates reactions via social networks, both in numbers
artistic class of the country, as well as the political sphere.

The prominent Puerto Rican artist died in
early in the morning at the hospital in San Juan, who is a victim of lung cancer,
announced El Nuevo Día, Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares
a day of mourning in his honor.

Presenter and actress Sonia Valentín expressed herself through
Twitter: "A very big loss for the plastic art of the country. Let it shine
LIGHT #Arnaldo Roche. "

For her part, also actress Johann Rosaly
she expressed consternation in connection with his death. "Death of Arnaldo Roche
it is a great loss for national plastic, for the entire artistic world and
whole country. Read his biography, learn about the schools in which he formed,
Who were your teachers and patrons? They will understand how talent is cultivated.
Rest in peace ".

Actress and star Iris Chacón shared the picture
the one who appears next to the painter. "Sharing with Arnaldo Roche, a talent that
we left very early, exceptional artist, genius, See you later, Friend! QDEP. "

The singer Fofé accompanied his message with a picture in
which is observed before one of his works in one of the main museums
on the island. "Rest in peace artist Arnaldo Roche arnaldo_rochepr
at the Puerto Rico Art Museum "

Mayor Ramón Luis
Rivera, son, said: "We were a plastic giant that he placed
the name of the PR is high. I had the privilege of knowing him and beyond
An unusual creative artist was a simple man, humble and
noble heart.QEPD ARNALDO ROCHE ".

Commissioner residing
Jennifer González mentioned the film about an earlier project for
respect your career: "I deeply regret the death of artist and friend Arnaldo
Roche. I admire your unique work and your humbleness. I'm sharing the video we've made
his job when in August we celebrate 40 years of his career
giving him the approval of Congress. "

Former Governor Alejandro
García Padilla also expressed his regret. "I'm very sorry about Arnald's departure
Roche. In my home we will miss a friend, and I know that in Puerto Rico and
the world will miss the artist, the painter, the creator of beautiful things.
Rest in peace ".

Similarly different
representative art institutions expressed their concern
sad news

"He felt the note of mourning
Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña regrets the death of the famous painter
Arnaldo Roche Rabell. We extend our hugs to your family and friends
this moment of pain. Rest in peace! ", Shared on Twitter

"At the Museum of Art in Poznan
Ponce regrets the loss of the famous porter painter Arnaldo Roche
Rabell (1955 – 2018). We join with grief, which overwhelms his family and people
Puerto Rico. "In addition, he shared the image of the work" Wash our feet
each other "(2010), by a painter.

Museum of Art in Puerto
Rico mentioned: "In #MAPR we regret
the profound departure of the genius Puerto Rican artist #ArnaldoRoche.

Thank you
Learn to step in color to give us your energy forever
because of your hits. Rest in peace ".

The Francisco Oller art museum shared: "Our most
Condolences for family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace, dear Arnaldo
Roche. "

Sonia Valentin

Johanna Rosaly

Iris Chacón


Ramón Luis Rivera

Jennifer González

Alejandro García Padilla

The Puerto Rican Culture Institute

Ponce Museum of Art

Museum of Art in Puerto Rico

The Francisco Oller Art Museum

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