Saturday , July 31 2021

They publish the first testing network Ethereum 2.0 that works with PoS | CryptoNews

Members of Prysmatic Labs development team working with Ethereum introduced Sapphire, a test network adapted to Ethereum 2.0, which will allow users to experience the new consensus mechanism that will work in this block of blocks, the test of participation (PoS ).

This new network of tests was published on May 7. The team emphasized that, although it is a test network, it's not a simulation, so users use a fully functional tool that can help them better understand how Ethereum 2.0 works.

The test network is a public access and NOT a simulation. We provide a group of nodes in the cloud that participate in the consensus, but everyone can participate in maintaining the active network.

Prysmaytic Labs

Users will be able to test how validators work in the new PoS scheme, using the ETH test of the Görli test network. According to the presentation note, there are limits to the number of validators that can participate in Sapphire.

"The current test test has only the task of managing the registry of validators, which provides evidence of Casper's participation and the progress of a series of blocks," the presentation said.

It should be noted that this test is only used by the Prysmatic Labs client, Prysm, although it is compatible with other versions such as Parity or Getty. This test network does not include any of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) tools, which, according to the developers, will be added to Ethereum in the second phase of the Ethereum 2.0 extension.

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