Saturday , April 17 2021

They launch a debit card that requires a fingerprint instead of a needle

The first debit card that requires a fingerprint instead of a needle

It is a pilot program of Natwest Bank, a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland.


On Nazvest bank, an entity a subsidiary on Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), began Wednesday first debit card what it requires fingerprint instead pin code to pay in United Kingdom.

That is pilot program in which they participate 200 clients that from now on, he will have to press the sensor on Card which detects fingerprint for buys more than 30 pounds (34.69 euros), announced today bench in a press release.

The card, equipped with biometric technology, detects the trace in less than a second to confirm the identity of the owner and make the payment.

This system uses "contactless" technology, which allows it to run at ATMs and pay for operations without needing to introduce cards into the appropriate reader.

In 2017, some 5,600 million payments were made in the United Kingdom through a procedure for "contactless", debit and credit, almost twice as much as the previous year, according to a report by the British banking association UK Finance.

David Crawford, of the Natamt team who introduced the new card, said it was "the biggest evolution in card technology in recent years."

The pilot project was developed in cooperation with Visa and the French-Dutch company Gemalto, a smart card vendor and other digital security products.

The company was the center of controversy last year after Teresa's government was able to release it into production of the new UK passports by Brexit, suppressing an agreement with British company De La Rue.

Howard Berg, of Gemalto, said that "the use of the print instead of the code number for the approval of transactions has many advantages, above all, improving security."


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