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They interrupted the delivery of humanitarian aid to Karikuao

16 April 2019 07:08
Updated on April 16, 2019 19:47

Red Cross volunteers interrupted on Tuesday the delivery of humanitarian aid supplies in Caricuao, the municipality of Libertador, due to rain that was filmed in the afternoon today.

At the place where part of the procurement was delivered, which were bottles of 18 liters of water and purifying tablets.

The volunteers also handed over the supplies to parish 23 de Enero, which examined some detonations during the distribution of articles.

"Lack of coordination with staff of public order, because people do not really behave and obviously we should not be in this situation, an oil country like Venezuela," said one resident of Caricuao.

During the delivery of the humanitarian aid in Caricao, there was a disorder due to crowded people getting sheltered from the rain. The volunteers did not specify when the remaining reserves would be distributed.

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