Wednesday , June 16 2021

They identified seven shots in the Viasa tower

Eligio Rojas. In total, in the Viasa tower, near the Museum of Fine Arts, seven people died, where there were several clashes with The strength of special operations (Faes) from the Bolivarian National Police this afternoon last Monday.

Two are dead Vladimir de Jesús González García and Asley José Flores Rodríguez, both with police records for the offense of carrying, detaining or concealing firearms, according to data provided by Faes; Johanni José Rica Gil This is another of the dead and appears as required by the justice system.

Other dead were identified as Johan Alberto Mijares Izquiel, Alexis Richard Lozada (31) and other aliases "Black" and "El Guaro"During the operation, they grabbed a rifle, two revolvers and four pistols. 60 people were arrested. The events took place after adding the attack to the officer José Canales Alemánwho was robbed from a pistol and shot in the face. His attackers hid in the Viasa tower, which was attacked by Faes.

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