Thursday , January 21 2021

They have launched a second hand Louis Vuitton bag with holes and you will not believe in its price

Luxury Louis Vuitton brand bag

An offer appeared in an online store that surprised many of its customers: a second-hand Louis Vuitton luxury brown bag with holes and signature monograms.

Por: RT

“The bag has lived its life, and minor flaws only reveal its history,” says the product description, which now sells for $ 9,000 at a Farfetch store.

It should be noted that this model was launched by the French fashion house together with the famous brand Comme Des Garcons in 2014. The unusual design is a product of that collaboration.

However, potential buyers criticized the product on social media and labeled it a “pocket dream”. An outraged customer comments under the ad: “Put your phone and wallet in them and watch them disappear. It will also appear that you tried to fix the bag with your own hands and it went terribly wrong.

Deluxe face shields

In September, Louis Vuitton came under fire for announcing the sale of its own luxury face shields amid a coronavirus pandemic.

This item is part of the Cruz 2021 collection and consists of a transparent face shield attached to the head with an elastic strap, placed in a monogram of the fashion house. The screen and belt are connected by two gold studs engraved with the LV logo. The supplement will be priced at $ 961 and will be available from October 30.

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