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They found a dead security official in Bolivar

January 30, 2019 09:22
Updated on January 30, 2019 09:44

The body of the second head of the Department of Urban Security (Desur) in the center of San Felix in the southern part of the country, identified as Jennifer Roemmar Gonzalez Nadalés, was 21 at the age of 21 at dawn on Wednesday.

According to an interview with the first next sergeant who was in service, he heard that detonations made a tour of the command facilities, noting that the victim was handling a firearm with a gun.

Officials on the axis of murder, found on two wounds with firearms: fractured in the frontal region, and another with irregular edges in the parietal region.

Among the collected evidence is a rifle, Kalashnikov AK103, caliber 7.62×39, 28 bullets, caliber 7.62×39; two grenade percutids, a caliber of 7.62×39 and two paper segments that present / display alphabetic inscriptions in their anverts.

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