Friday , October 22 2021

They create "anti-incandescent" windows


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a transparent glass foil that can reject up to 70% of incoming solar heat, which can cool the building, allowing light


Mexico.- A group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, in the acronym in English), developed a transparent coating for Windows, able to reject up to 70% solar heat incoming

A material that can be used to combat summer heat in offices, which could help reduce energy consumption Up to 10% may remain transparent below 32 degrees Celsius.

According to MIT researchers, a movie similar to transparent plastic filmacts as an "autonomous system" that rejects heat.

Heat rejection properties are derived from film-embedded microparticles made from a phase change material that shrinks when exposed to a temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit or more to give a translucent or matte appearance to the product.

Mechanical professor at MIT, Nicholas Fang, He emphasized that the coating applied to summer windows could cool the building while a lot of light flows.

Intelligent windows on the market today are not so efficient reject the heat of the sun or as some electrochrome windows, they may need more power. For this reason, experts have been working on new optical materials and coatings to provide better options for these facilities.

Researchers reported that they would carry out further tests to adapt their formula if necessary to apply it in a different way that could improve their thermal protection properties.


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