Friday , April 16 2021

They called the sons of JLO. and Mark Anthony ugly in the post of Instagram

After a holiday on Easter, the program "El Gordo and La Flaka" published a photo of the children of Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony In their social networks that marked the festival, but to the surprise of many, the image received much negative criticism from fans.

From the newspaper newspaper Miami

Emme and Max They appear seated in chairs very easily. Although they are still minors, the followers of the couple, and especially one of the most popular entertainment programs in Latin America, did not waste their time labeling them ugly or even compared to those of Daanara Torres, whom He was a singer's partner before with JLO.

As there were negative comments, many also showed their support. We will leave some comments that can be found in the publication:

«@melybarthly: The most persuasive, the most beautiful of Dejanar ».

«@Aniuscamerina: What harsh people say are ugly ugly children are not normal children, look like their parents, beauty is in the eyes of those who look at you, freer people. "

«@caresildag: They are like phytos ».

«@Rosariobadia: They are so envious of their mother that they are involved with the children they envy. "

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