Sunday , February 28 2021

They accuse an association of committing a crime against Roland Carreno: V.P.

The journalist is accused of allegedly financing Lopez’s “flight” to Spain


Venezuela’s opposition Popular Will party, led by Leopoldo Lopez, released a 4-D indictment on Friday for a crime committed against journalist and associate Roland Carreno, who was arrested in late October “in a significant amount”. with weapons to “promote violence.”

“The courts in the service of the regime impose a new crime on Roland Carenjo. The fourth terrorism judge, Jose Massimino Marquez, following the dictatorship’s orders, said that the journalist had formed an association to commit a crime, falsely, Roland is innocent,” the party said in a statement. a message on Twitter.

Hours earlier, his lawyer, Eloel Garcia, announced that the journalist would be taken to court on Friday afternoon.

Carreno is accused of allegedly financing Lopez’s “flight” to Spain, for which he was charged with three crimes.

Other crimes

The journalist was charged on October 29 with alleged crimes of “terrorist financing”, “conspiracy against political form” and “illicit arms trade”.

In addition, Attorney General Tarek William Saab asserted that Karenjo was the “main” financier of Voluntad Popular and was carrying $ 12,000 in cash at the time of his arrest, while conversations were found on his cell phone informing him of another $ 60,000 in distribution. of “conspiracy”.

According to the information based on “police records”, the prosecutor explained, the journalist also seized a briefcase from his property which contained documents that, he stressed, demonstrate the financing of actions against the executive power of Nicolas Maduro.

The opposition denies the allegations

For its part, the Venezuelan opposition has denied the allegations against Carreno and, on the contrary, condemned the threats.

Carenjo was “subjected to an unconstitutional interrogation because (that statement) was not given in the presence of lawyers, so the judge annulled it,” Deputy Delsa Solorzano said on October 31, after condemning that the opponent had been forced to “take up arms on stage. “From the Government.

Carenjo works as the operational coordinator of Voluntad Popular (WP), a party founded and directed by Lopez, which includes dozens of leaders accused by the government and justice of various crimes.

The journalist remains detained in the dungeons of the Bolivian National Police (PNB), as part of Helicoid, a headquarters known for housing several of those considered political prisoners.

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