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There are some boxers who have a lot of lesions in the last one

(CNN Español) – The box office is just like Patrick Day's. The boxeador of 27 auxiliary cuatro is available on no charge in single pellets per Chicago.

Day after day of traumatic brain lesions that could be sustained by a promoter, Joe DiBella of DiBella Entertainment.

Day is the only boxing box that has a lot to do with lesiones durante sus peleas.

Christian Daghio

Muay Thai Italian boxing, Thai boxing, wallpaper in November 2018 but the trauma that can only be sustained by the boxing superstar on October 26 in Bangkok, reports Ansa agency.

Daghio, 49 años, report Ansa, aboard the ganador of 7 titles possible in Thai boxing. The duration of the trauma lasts 12 rounds and the Italian term coma en el ring. Falleció tras varios dias en el hospital.

Maxim Dadashev

The Russian boxeador Maxim Dadashev was taken to a United States hospital in July after being subdued by Subriel Matías, of Puerto Rico, under the Russian Federation of Boxeo and the Russian TASS Agency.

The price is only 28 años. Dadashev's entourage, Buddy McGirt, received the pellets from Round 11. The images were taken from the pellets, which were loaded and transported to McGirt to dispose of Dadashev to detain the pellets, noting that the habitat was recaptured by many golfers.

Judging by the sound of a salad ring, a commentary on the perpetrators of the conquest of the West, inform ESPN. See Prince George's Center Hospital in the University of Michigan in Cheverly, Maryland, for some time in an emergency cerebral hemorrhage but a subdural hematoma, which is a cerebral hemorrhage, according to ESPN. Le indujeron un coma y luego falleció.

MIRA: Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev travels through lesions grabbing a single pellet to the pubertorriqueño Subriel Matías

Hugo Santillán

The boxeador argentino murió en la misma semana que Dadashev.

Santillán despoués de la pelea en el uruguay campo Eduardo Abreu cuando los jueces estaban anunciando el resultado, fue un empate. Check out the San Felipe hospital, where you can find a renal replacement, inform ESPN.

The boxeador argentino Hugo Santillán

The cerebro de Santillán is available in some form, as is the rest of the organic food, and is currently being recycled. Seems like a cirugia but a coagulant in the brain and entrapment in cardiovascular insufficiency to further reduce the risk of cardiac arrest, according to ESPN.

Boxeo: "Singularmente peligroso", available at CDC

The box is currently downloaded as a "Singular Record" in a public record by the National Institute of Occupation and Occupational Therapy (NIOSHTIC), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but the United States.

"The box is a singular deportation of the requisite intense golf courses in the car and the vital organs of the incapacitated proponents," says the CDC's literature review, which reads that the golf courses Causes of irreversible cerebral palsy, altered neurológicas, ocular lacerations and prematurity. ”

It's embargoed, at 30 lbs, with significant deportations and medical equipment, regulations and general regulations for "dramatic reduction" in mortality rates, according to a 2010 report by The Physician and Sportsmedicine.

As an embargo, the aggregate estimates, "the size of the lesions in the cabeza relacionadas con el boxeo, in particular the cerebral convexity, the appearance of the lesion, the appearance of the lesion in a variable in the present clinic".

What about the organismos possible of the boxeo

In the line of medical exams generally available for potential camps, the Boxeo Federación de Federación pro bono do medicios estrictos para los boxeadores.

The medics are performed realistically without any medical modes designed by the local commissioner or the medical meds other than the pele, just to be followed by a control of the pele. Tambian publishes personalized medical history as such familiar medical history competes with and excludes medical exemplars detailed in the literature, in the form of detectors of malformations or organ dysfunction; exámenes cardiacos pulmonares, in the central nervous system and in the articulatory and esophagus, including otros. Before the surgery, you should take care of the treatment.

The International Boxeo Federation has the right to allow all persons in the box to be sued, permanently and in a single file before verifying the signage of graves and cigarettes as a potential women's lesion.

The Boxeo Consulate is likely to offer a potential alternative "to the prevention of lesions and the prevention of lesions in the depressions" and to a compromise "to the extent that there is a risk" for fomentar or major depressive medicine. emplearla en el servicio del deporte. Además su codo estique esta principios de proteger el bienestar de los boxeadores "a cost effective".

Finales of the Boxeo Mundial Association (WBA), in the sense that the boxers are the ones to arbitrate, they have to be deterred by combats as if they were playing a tornado in the back of the net, on a continental basis. con la pelea, es probable que el boxeador sufra lesiones graves.

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