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Theenes for which Halloween is all year round (and how they earn a living with their spooky looks)

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Eli F-M

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Eli enjoys becoming "creatures of her dreams and nightmares".

As October 31 approaches, people from all over the world start preparing their costumes.

But for some women, Halloween is not just a celebration that is celebrated every 12 months. It's a year-round job.

Eli, 21, is a professional body painter and star on social media in Edinburgh, Scotland, who has made a career thanks to the theme of Halloween.

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"It's one of my favorite moments of the year," says the young woman. "Halloween is very crazy in the makeup world."

The artist became known as influential the beauty of Instagram, where you create seems fascinating that blurs the line between beauty and horror.

Eli's report had a humble beginning. At first he used it to announce his special creations during Halloween, not the whole year.

"I studied art and acting at school, and practiced for a year at Halloween," he says.

"Everyone went to a party with beautiful costumes and I arrived as a spooky clown. Everyone thought it was great, "he recalls.

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Eli F-M

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Body artist and social media star Eli is known on Instagram for her spooky looks.

In addition to working with Instagram brands, Eli also works as a freelance body artist, going home and events to turn his clients into frightening beings.

Eli says that her clients usually ask for it for replicate characters what they saw in Internet or in moviesbut in the end what they want is their version of them.

"Cinema is always a good source of inspiration," he says. "[El payaso] Fucked by That and Maleficent are very popular this year. "

"However, they ask you about different characters. The other day they asked me to make a beautiful version of Shrek, "he says.

The painter says that in the United Kingdom the interest in [el maquillaje de] Halloween thanks to influencers Americans on social networks.

"People are asking more about what the internet looks like," he explains. "L.or see it as an opportunity to be boldto and is transformed. Have more fun with Halloween ".

Eli admits to being the date when she has the most work.

"With my style, a lot of companies just look at me on Halloween," he says. "But it's good. That's what I want to do and I'm grateful."

Sale of makeup

Holly Stewart, a major brand at Beauty Bay, an online retailer that sells several cosmetics companies, says that in recent years there has been a growing demand for specific Halloween products that allow customers to replicate the look of an online face. .

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"Makeup is now essential for creating" a Halloween costume. And Beauty Bay now offers packages of items from different brands to create, for example, a cat appearance in five minutes, but also sells products separately. "

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American YouTuber Lek Fleming is known for re-creating characters on her channel, called Madeyewlook.

At influencers They can make money with sponsorship and support from companies that sell beauty products. But the most profitable strategy is launch and sales Your personal products.

For example, US YouTube star and drug painter Lex Fleming, 26, of Chicago, regularly works with and is known for her cosmetics during the Halloween period. seems conceptually and complexly.

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"King of Pumpkin King" is the first look it was really shot, "he says." It was based on my interpretation of Jack Skelington's "Nightmare Before Christmas" [de Tim Burton]. Now I see it on the internet in different styles and colors. "

Lex opened her YouTube channel in 2012 to showcase her talent and reach out to other people. It now has 2.7 million subscribers.

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"I know what it's like to be a weird girl," he says. "But YouTube has shown me that you are never alone."

"To my utter surprise, I created a family over the Internet to share that weird and creative soul with."

In addition to collaborating and supporting brands, Lex also runs her own makeup brush business promoting her as "perfect for creating beauty or monsters."

"After gaining followers around the world, I have decided to pursue my dream and create my own line of cosmetics and makeup brushes," he writes on his website.

“My main goal is to provide the best quality products that I can give to others trust to express it on a live canvas that he breathes, "he explains.

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Madejvuk, Lex's YouTube channel, is known for revealing its characters, as it does here with Disney's Malefekent.

Be yourself

Lex discovered her love for body painting when she was 14 and began experimenting with eye shadows to create seems which he used as a way of "escaping from reality".

"Bullying was hard for me in high school," she says.

“I came home from school and became different characters and imagined how they could deal with that kind of stress"remember

"Maybe I'm not a superhero, but I want to believe that I can paint pretty good," he says.

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Leks says she wants to create a "look" inspired by her emotions, orders, movies and television characters.

Despite the large number of followers, he invites others to embrace their personality and not pay too much attention to what's popular on the Internet.

"When I started on YouTube, a lot of people were open to different and original ideas … But today there seems to be a greater tendency to look like another than to be alone."

"I would like to see change in the future, for people to be inspired to be alone instead of wanting to transform into another person," he says.

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