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The voter's decisions apply to Maduro's direct instructions


November 8, 2018, 1:15

In 2017, the government promoted the creation of a national constitutional assembly as a "democratic" mechanism to "improve the country's situation". However, just over a year after creation, this behavior was different: from the creation of a constitutional text, the principles of democracy and solving everyday problems of citizens – say representatives of the NGO.

Transparencia Venezuela notes that the ANC is a demonstration of the lack of separation of public authority in Venezuela because this body, convened by President Nicolás Maduro, remains submissive to the executive, responding to its demands foreign creation of a new constitution that violates the provisions of Article 347 of the Constitution.

In the report, in which they analyze the implementation of 90 constitutional acts celebrated until August, only six cases are related to the creation of a new constitutional text, and another 26 corresponds to administrative procedures. The rest are activities that they consider to be unconstitutional, because in 58 cases they support the Board and take over the powers of other powers, such as the National Assembly, the authority that was usurped 24 times.

Of the 58 decisions that this element made, 44 of them were issued on the orders of the president or to support its management, says a non-governmental organization. "The decrees, as well as statements in the media, make it clear that the body is subject to executive power and works to satisfy it," states the document.

For Mercedes de Freitas, director of a non-governmental organization, every act of ANC is írrito – for his call and choice – but nevertheless make decisions that affect the dynamics of the country. He pointed out that agreements with the founder are proof of the lack of autonomy of power.

"The AKN does not work to build democracy and develop the country, it is an assembly that works to keep the government responsible for the crisis we have," he added.

Ali Daniels, lawyer and director of Access to Justice, said that along with the ANC the road to totalitarianism began. He recalled that the constitution was convened by President Maduro on May 1 last year to divert attention from the anti-government protests that took place on that day.

"As a result, the ANC is not an independent or autonomous body, it only works if the manager says he must act." The ANC convened was a means of facilitating the full assumption of all powers by the management assigning super-constitutional powers, and from there they could organize public officials, "he said.

The change in the prosecutor's office is distinguished by this action. Before dismissing the prosecutor, Luisa Ortega Diaz, Maduro said that the ANC's objectives were the "transformation" of the Ministry of Publicity, which began investigating death in the demonstrations that took place at that time, the Prosecutor's Office also condemned cases of violations of human rights and out-of-court executions by the PLO .

Six times voters have usurped the functions of the National Election Council, which allowed the president to organize elections in a time favorable for his party, not during the periods set in the Constitution. Since last year, he has asked for elections three times in which his party's leaders obtained a public office as a result of these elections convened on undemocratic conditions.

Another fact, which according to Daniels means the lack of autonomy of the AKN, is the fact that there are no discussions or debates in his sessions; their decisions are unanimously agreed.

"The ingredients are people who are there to obey orders, create the life of a subordinate body that fulfills the dictates of executive power and has no initiative," he said.

"AKN does not work in the development of the country, it is a congregation that works to keep the government responsible for the crisis we have"

Mercedes de Freitas, director of Transparencia Venezuela

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