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The Tribunal has ordered a police unit

The Tribunal 3 ° of Aragua Control, cited by Anabel Maria Suárez Osal, decides to prosecute in favor of a family of radicals in Turmero, Aragua, who are currently serving as regional police officers. expediente 4905635-3C-SOL-2447-2019.

Medici de protección fue solicitada por Fiscalía Superior de Aragua para integrare de Nancy Coromoto González Ilarraza y Nelson de Jes Ags Aguirre, as he is familiar with.

These people deny that various Poliaragua functions include downloading and downloading java lottery tickets, freelance journals, e-mails, e-mails, mobile phones, and other products to be found in a single bodega.

The Fiscal is corrupted by the amount of money and money spent on protecting this family. The Suárez jungle has a tremendous amount of pedestrian and ornate "continuity patrols, diurnals and nocturns" by the Dulpa 18 de Turmero sector, both of which are currently inhabited.

The Suárez case is based on the provisions of the Código Organic Criminal Procedure, which constitute the protection of victims "of any kind that conceivably relates to the extensible susceptibility of the family members to the allegations, as well as to the extradition proceedings." vulnerabilidad o riesgo inminente para su integridad física, tales como las denunciadas en la presente actuación ”.

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