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The study found that smoking marijuana was 3 years old to the brain News

The fact that several countries and countries have decided to legalize the recreational use of marijuana has become a trend, bearing in mind that consumption of this drug is not associated with harmful effects in the long run. For example, Canada, the United States and Uruguay have laws that regulate their use; Mexico will soon be united.

However, this does not mean that the entire scientific community thinks that cannabis is a harmless substance. To mention someone, we have Daniel Amin, a research journal for the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, which claims to have conducted studies that prove that recurrent use of marijuana can boost the brain in nearly 3 years.

In his research, a specialist found that marijuana causes particularly complex effects in people with mental conditions, such as bipolar disorder, cognitive deficit syndrome and schizophrenia, speeding up the progression of these conditions, and potentially reducing blood flow to the brain, and called for a study to prevent the idea that marijuana is a relatively harmless substance.

However, his conclusions contradict other studies related to the use of cannabis. Recently, the Society for Neurology published its own report, where they say that marijuana will have properties to combat Alzheimer's disease and reduce inflammation of the brain.

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