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The Spanish launch will launch a pre-paid credit card with encryption CryptoNews

The affiliate platform for collaboration with 2gether has announced an agreement with the acclaimed Visa payment processor to create a pre-paid credit card with encryption. This financial instrument will cooperate with startup Spanish Pecunia and can be used in 19 countries of the European Union (EU).

According to a press release sent to the editor, the service is available from April 10 and April 10 allows users to convert crypto-vectors a Euros for spendon wherever Visa cards are accepted, currently and without a taxi

CriptoNoticias spoke to the CEO 2gether, Ramón Ferraz, In order to get acquainted with the details of this new product, as well as the company's motivations to design this tool.

According to Ferraz, the company believes that the adoption of encryption is increasing and that they will be used in connection with the EU's fiduciary currency. "In the second year, we believe that cryptoelectrics will progressively penetrate the population and that they will co-exist with the euro in the financial management of people's day to day, "he explained.

Executive power He described the payment process with encryption via these cards. Users must create a 2gether platform account and load their bags with encryption. For this, card holders can use BTC, EOS, XRP, BCH, ETH and LTC. The balance can be added from a purse, a house of exchange or by purchasing them directly on the platform.

At the time of payment, 2gether calculates the amount of the encryption that represents the product or service it represents, sells the said amount in an exchange against the euro, and closes the transaction with the turnover in euros. However, the settlement of the trade operation and the sale of crypto on the market and the management of the treasury are made in separate flows, so that the amount of payment (microseconds) can be met.

Ramon Ferra, executive director, CEO.

We asked the CEO of 2gether why they decided to use the Pecunia payment tools, especially Pecunpay. He pointed out that this payment processor understood the business model, developing services to ease end-user experience using the payment processor.

We use this opportunity to know what the mechanism by which the service will be maintained over time, especially since the launch stressed that no commission will be charged.

Ferraz was ambitious, assuring that "in the future" the company will distribute services in the Spanish financial industry, although without offering more details about the type of products. "This distribution will generate income for 2gether.All income of the 2gether will come from different sources to the consumer.In addition, 2gether will return to the consumer part of this revenue in 2GT (token on the platform), generating the 2GT demand platform market and therefore appreciates it for consumers, "he said.

General Manager of Visa in Spain, Carmen Alonso, was optimistic about this deal. "We appreciate the opportunity to work with Fintech as" 2gether "to develop cutting-edge payment solutions for businesses and consumers," he said.

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