Sunday , April 18 2021

The sad record for the oldest self-published edition of Copa Libertadores: two matches needed Football

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Archive | Jorge Bernal | Agence France Presse

On Copa Libertadores de América It's played nearly 60 years ago in this part of the world. With more champions, there is always talk about the positive record of the match.

Most champions, the most scorer, the one who won more victories as local or the one who most participated. However, Caesar Mena He has a sad record: He is the player who made the most cars in the same edition of Copa Libertadores.

The Colombian player, in which he is currently working San José de Oruro from Bolivia, won the ungrateful record this Wednesday, having scored in their own door in the victory of altiplanikos before Penyarol of Uruguay 3-1.

In addition to this accident, Mena has already turned two other autogels in the same game. On April 2 this year, San Jose de Oruro received the Quito University Sports League. In the three-goal upcoming game of the Group G group G on the continental tournament, Caesar Mena scored 40 minutes in a goal and another in the 69th minute.

With this record, he became the player who scored the most autogenic in the same edition of Copa Libertadores. And there is still a date in the group phase …

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