Sunday , January 24 2021

The regime of Nicolas Maduro has confirmed the arrest of journalist Roland Carreno


After missing more than 24 hours, Nicolas Maduro regime confirms arrest of journalist and popular will leader Roland Karenjo, who is accused of alleged crimes against the “constitutional order”.

This was announced by the Minister of Communications and Information of the Venezuelan dictatorship, Freddie Shanez, who assured that Karenjo “was caught red-handed and admitted his involvement in crimes against the constitutional order to change the peace of the Republic

Attorney General Tarek William Saab said Carenjo is accused of giving “military weapons and cash to certain individuals to promote violent acts on national territory”.

For his part, Voluntad Popul condemned that more than 20 officials of the Chavista dictatorship had raided the journalist’s house.

Modus Operandi to sow evidence proving a false record“This is the way the dictatorship works to build a cause against its opponents,” said Olivia Lozano, Venezuela’s deputy.


Shanez, for his part, rejected an alleged campaign to discredit “Venezuela’s rule of law in connection with the arrest of Roland Carreno.” He added that “the right process and the right to defense are guaranteed in Venezuela, without exception.” However, The evidence contradicts Minister Chavista because there is a huge amount of evidence – the Bachelet report, for example, which demonstrates a number of human rights violations committed by the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

On Monday, the interim government of Juan Guaido condemned the disappearance of Carrejo. “We have condemned the irregular situation with journalist Roland Carreno. He is gone. “Neighbors reported that black vehicles approached Karejo, along with two attendants, without identification,” Guido’s office said.

In August, Alfredo Romero, director of the Venezuelan Penal Forum, a non-governmental organization tasked with examining the status of political prisoners in the country, condemned the detention of 386 people for political reasons in Venezuela.

Venezuela holds 386 political prisoners. There are 108 prisoners and political prisoners in Los Texas alone (Ramo Verde + INOF + Las Chrisalidas). Today I was visiting some prisons with family and equipment“Romero said on his Twitter account.

The lawyer condemned that these people deprived of liberty by the regime of Nicolas Maduro have now added five months without visits from their lawyers or access to courts. Under the pretext of spreading the coronavirus, Chavez does not allow political prisoners to have contact with their supporters.

According to what was published by the Venezuelan portal La Patiland members of the NGO were denied access to prisons.


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