Sunday , April 11 2021

The people in charge of Cadence of Hyrule talk about the development of the game, for visual improvements, for the music of the Legend of Zelda and more –

The 4Gamer media had the opportunity to interview the programmer Prepare yourself for games during Bitsummit 7 spiritsto chat with the Design Manager Cadence of Hirule, Oliver Truhilo, in addition to the president of the company, Ryan Clark.

Silikonera pointed out some elements of the interview, which we now share with you in Spanish:

Nintendo asked you something, given that this is a cooperation title?

Truhilo: They put their hands to watch the look of the details of the Triforce story. They said they wanted the tradition and the mystery of the series to remain intact even in this title.

It seems that the graphics have been completely revised, and Cadence of Hyrule has a completely new visual aspect.

Trukhilo: Exactly. The artistic team worked hard and spent a lot of time on this. In addition to clear pixel sprites, the mosaics of the characters and the background were made more recognizable and easy to distinguish, so it also has a good effect on the game.

Clark: With NecroDancer, we only had one graphic artist, but this time we have four. In the last game, players had only one sprite they faced ahead, but this time, spores appeared in four directions. Of course, the quality of sprites has increased, but the number of sprites has also increased.

How many songs from the legend of the Zelda series have been agreed on the game?

Truhilo: I can not give a specific number, but I would like to say that there are many. Many songs from the entire series will emerge with a special focus on a link to the past.

How else were the NecroDancer crypt's game systems changed?

Clark: Although the system of tracking the pace has not changed, the feeling of the game has. For example, this game includes the concept of differences in height, and you can use it in combat.

Truhilo: Also, when talking about the Zelda Legend series, puzzle solving is one of the main features, and this game also includes such elements.

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