Friday , April 16 2021

The new theory confirms that we have already seen Melissander! – Game of thrones – it's a spoiler time!

As the week approaches, more theories about the expected third episode of last season Game of Thrones they come to the surface.

True, yesterday we told you that there is a theory that guarantees that Night king will not be in Battle at Winterfiel and Today we become one more, which will surely blow up the head of more than one fan.

While previously the actress Caris Van Houten, who gives life to him Melisandre, confirmed his participation in the final season of the series, it did not appear in the first two episodes … or so we thought.

According to a theory shared by Conversely, Melisandre is incognito in Winterfell and it was seen in the last episode. But how is this possible? Well, he appeared at the appearance of the little girl she was talking to Davos and Gilly for wanting to fight in battle.

The theory explains that he used the necklace we saw in the sixth season to achieve this great change and he sharply chose the shape of a girl who looked like Shireen (scars face) in order to reach the crypts and be helpful, because as many pointed out, Stark the dead could become thanks to Night king.

Remember that the priest told her earlier Vary that he had to die Lower it. Will this be one of the victims of the next episode?

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