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The logo of the Throne of the Throne was revealed

With the controversial end of the season Game of Thrones, the work in the foreseen series of foreheads is in progress. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that filming of the prequel began in Northern Ireland and now, If the filtered image is correct, the batch might get both a name and a logo: Bloodmoon.

HBO tries to reward the script for the end of Game of Thrones

In place of Viewers on the wall it is reported that Bloodmoon is potentially the title of the series and leaking a production sheet of the batch with a name and logo. Here they have:

Game of thrones, blood moon, overflow, logo

Now, it's important to remember that HBO did not confirm that name Bloodmoon to be the official title of the series. It is possible that both are a simple place and of course not the only title that is proposed for the series. The author George R. Martin suggested the title The long night, although that title was used for the third episode of the last season of the Game of Thrones. Yes Bloodmoon ends up as the official title of the series over, it may be that there is another logo for the one used in the production sheet, even if it's just a more complicated version of it.

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