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the future of even darker Cersei – a game of thrones – it's a time of a spoiler!

Cersei Lannister is one of the most controversial characters in Game of Thrones. One of those villains that we want to hate. With the power of intelligence and many scams, the older sister of the lion's house came to sit on an iron throne and did not seem ready to leave. Not at least while I live.

The threat from white pedestrians it does not seem enough to stop holding to power and decided to wait Landing of the King in the battle of the north ends up going to gather the pieces that remain. For this, Cersei demanded new allies: Euron Greyjoy and Golden company.

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Of course, decisions that Cersei takes all these seasons are not free. Failure to promise to fight with Stark and Targaryen against Night king He earned his hostility with his great love, his twin brother, Jaime, who galloped north to fulfill his word.

Alliance with Euron Greyjoy, on the other hand, was basically based on the uncle of Yara and Theon marry her and thus became the king of Vesteros. Of course, we all knew that Cersei I would not give up on this and we saw the days of Euron counted (with great joy, I must admit). However, departure of Jaime change the rules of the game and Cersei She opened the door for her, she would not say her heart, but her bedroom.

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What does this mean Cersei? Probably, trouble. By the end of the seven season, we knew that Cersei I was pregnant again. We saw that she caressed her stomach, and even stopped drinking, except to become a lioness her surname suggests in the presence of the enemy in the fate that Tirion He proposed to inform her about the Great War. He had a son like a father again, and Jaime. However, this relationship was not strong enough to connect her brother, who left her to fight north.

In this new episode, after sleeping with her, Euron He promises to put the prince in his stomach. Yes Cersei continue pregnant, this will be impossible. But she is still pregnant the oldest of Lannister? On the same scene we see her tasting of a glass of wine, something she left when she knew she was expecting a new child.

Also, we must take into account the prophecy of Maggie. When Cersei She was a young girl, went to the cabin Maggie Frog, a famous wizard for guessing the future. This woman prophesied some things that were already fulfilled. First, Cersei, then he thought he would marry Rhaegar Targaryen, the prince who will climb the king. Maggie, however, he also said that he would not marry the prince, but directly with the king, something that happened when she ended up together Robert Baratheon, who occupied the throne after having usurped it up Targaryen.

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Secondly, Cersei He asked if she and the emperor would have children. Maggie he prophesied that he did not, that the emperor would have twenty children, and she only three. That her children will have crowns of gold, and also will golden their covers, predicting that the three will die in front of her. Of course, this was also: Cersei and Robert have never had children (although this destroys the theory of the origin of Henry), although he had bastards and had three golden hair with his brother Jaime, the three already dead (Josephine, Mirchela and Tomen).

If this prophecy is as accurate as it seems, the pregnancy of Cersei it will not come to the fore. The three promised children have already gone through this world. Could it be that the baby that so much protected it this season's final of the season seven no longer exists? OR Cersei will surrender Euron with the idea of ​​making a father for his son, as he did Robert Baratheon?

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Maggie FrogHe also foresaw that Cersei I would be a queen. Of course, this was also true. However, it also assures you will be replaced by a younger and more beautiful queen,Danny, maybe? Or, perhaps, Sansa?

But, as if that was not enough, Maggie He prophesied something else, although this is said only in the book (and not in the series): when Cersei has already drowned in his own call valonqar he will put his hands on her neck and kill her. What does that mean valonqar? The term in Aalto Valiorio is assigned to his younger brother.

When we say small, the first person that comes to mind is Tirion, not only because of its size, but also because it is the smallest Lannister. However, Jaime he is also younger than Cersei, since she was first born. But there is something we can not lose sight of: the little brother does not have to be her. It may be the younger brother of another family. Do you know who is the youngest of your caste? Euron Greyjoy. Can one kill his brother for murder? Cersei? Could it be, perhaps, because of the tricks she plays?

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With a prophecy proving itself unmistakable, the end of Cersei Lannister it seems to be approaching without a cure. The Most Holy Queen of Vesteros there are days numbered. Who will be the one who will finally take his life? That much Tirionlike Jaime and Euron They seem to have reasons.

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