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The economic "boom" that left the Venezuelan crisis in Cucuta

April 26, 2019 11:17
Updated on April 26, 2019 11:46

For two months, when Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure of the three bridges of Norte de Santander on February 23, the productive sectors of Cucuta and its metropolitan area were hacked into an economic abyss, from which they returned little by little.

Sectors such as supermarkets, currency exchange and freight transport experienced a decline in sales, which was not noticed by the 2016 border blockade.

However, other business lines, such as the automotive sector, the sale of gasoline and some electrical appliances, such as diesel power plants, have reported a rate that is rising and that, even, it gives positive figures.

According to the National Federation of Dealers, Fenalko, vehicle registration and sales of motor vehicles increased in March by 37%, compared to the same period of the previous year.

A total of 475 registration plates were registered in the city, while 1,446 cars were purchased from the kukuntenos. Last year, only 185 plates were registered and 572 units were purchased.

"As the situation in Venezuela worsens, some sectors have a higher level of crisis, foreign citizens are asking the city to provide these products, as it happens in food. Whatever the closure of the border, there is a demand that will remain there, no political and economic conditions have changed, "said Carlos Luna, director of the Cucuta Economic Chamber.

The trade union leader said that this economic rhythm is also perceived in the perimeter of the border town on the Seventh Avenue with Diagonal Santander, where six sales of agricultural machinery remain full of migrants crossing the border and going there to buy plants electric generators diesel-based energy.

One of these businesses, which used a monthly of 25 to 30 machines of this type, managed to sell close to 200 in one day.

"Circumstances that are very indirect, such as the energy crisis, have created a greater acquisition of these mobile generators that need to be transmitted.This happens across the border.Cúcuta is a city that generates its own dynamics and has elements that characterize the commercial rhythm; , we must make diplomatic efforts to normalize the bi-national passage, "Luna said.

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