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The Cryptopia drama does not end: another $ 180,000 has been stolen CryptoNews

Two weeks after a serious attack, the New Zealand Cryptopia exchange house was re-attacked on Tuesday. This time around 1,675 ETHs were stolen, equivalent to about $ 180,000 at current market prices. According to Elementus, an analysis company reporting on the event, the attack will affect some 17,000 wallets from the New Zealand platform. Hackers have access to private key bags.

Recall that on January 15, Cryptopia reported hacking on its platform. Although the number stolen at that time was not known, Elementus informed that in the later days, according to the first estimates of losses in hacking, about 16 million ETH and tokens were stolen in the ERC20.

The funds involved about $ 3.6 million in ETH, while others correspond to other items such as Dentacoyne, Oster Pearl, ML Lisc and Central. Calculations do not include quantities in BTC because until now they have not examined the bitkoin block.

Now, according to Elementus Executive Director Max Galka, after a few days of inactivity, a new attack took place:

After the remaining inactive days after a previous $ 16 million attack, hacking Cryptopia today launched its attack, pulling 1,675 additional ETHs (worth around $ 180,000 at current market prices) from another 17,000 portfolios of Cryptopia

The affected portfolios are exposed to the 1948 portfolios at risk that we identified earlier, some of which continued to accumulate funds as recently as today.

Max Galka, CEO, Elementus

After this new event, it is clear that the exchange office has no control over the private keys of the purse. "Hacker has private keys and can withdraw funds from every Cryptopia wallet at will," said Galkka.

Another element that separates the cyber-security company is that, even after hacking, there are purses that still receive ETH or tokens created in this chain. This can be because some pools Mining companies opt to receive their "direct payments" profits, using Cryptopia as a bridge.

"It is assumed that these payments are sent on behalf of the miners who automatically decided to receive the prizes through a" direct deposit "and have since forgotten," explained Galkka.

New Zealand Exchange House did not talk, this after noting that the police are working on it and the investigation is under development. Through their account on the social network Twitter, they only shared a brief message: "Follow this page to get updates on the situation," along with a link to visit the most recent case note by the New Zealand Police

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