Saturday , September 18 2021

The “cheat” math exercise confuses a group of parents

“How many starfish can there be in the middle tank? List two possible answers,” says part of the problem.

Courtesy | Other users explained that the exercise only evaluates the concept of minimum and maximum

The homework from a first grader, which consisted of a simple statement, left her mother stunned, who suspected that the question had a wrong meaning and went to social networks in search of a solution, reports The Mirror.

Ena shared a photo on a Facebook group dedicated to exchanging advice for parents during the closing.

Some participants also had difficulty interpreting the problem, while others suggested a very simple answer.

“I need help, please. I think it’s a trick question. How do I explain this to a 6-year-old girl? “, Wrote the mother next to the picture of three starfish and four lockers, with the number 4 written on the left and 18 on the right and both in the middle empty.

In the three tanks, the smallest number of starfish is 4. The largest number is 18. How many sea fish can there be in the middle tank? “Give two possible answers,” the problem said.

One of the members of the forum, who obviously did not even understand the statement, wrote: “Thanks for the pain in the brain, I am confused.”

“Karamba! Why can’t math be simple? “Add, multiply, subtract and divide.”

While other users explained that the exercise only evaluates the concept of minimum and maximum, noting that the answer can be any two numbers between 4 and 18

They also suggested that the student be asked to find those figures in a ruler and then choose two values ​​from among them.

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