Friday , April 16 2021

"Sur del Lago lives a disaster"

Deputy Marquez for floods and rains: "Sur del Lago is living a disaster"

National Assembly Vice President Gilmar Marquez said that the municipalities south of the lake are alert to the floods of the rivers Zulia and Catamba. He warned that banana production is threatened by the rise of them.

"The flooding of the rivers again destroys the populations of Kano Muerto in Colón, El Canal and Chama Lago in Francisco Javier Puglar, and on the banana plantations south of the lake. We will cease to be the first banana producers because the plantations are under water" , he said.

Marquez, also the municipal coordinator of Francisco Javier Puglar, suggested that the production of bananas depends not only on rains, but also on the lack of fuel. He explained that a pump system uses a pump system to extract water from rainfalls and fuel shortages. There is no way to make sewers.

"Banana areas are flooded by flood, because there is no gasoline to engage the pumps and make proper sewage. Banana production is at risk," he said.

In its publication, lawmaker Zulian also announced that as a result of rains, several bridges in the agricultural areas have deviated, making access to productive areas more difficult.

"We are experiencing a catastrophe south of the lake, there is no gasoline or machinery to strengthen the walls and prevent populations from being hit by floods of rivers," he said.

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