Tuesday , February 18 2020
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Sudeban "records acciones" by irregularidades in contraction of the punt

As part of the Integrated Evaluation of Electronic Payroll Services, the Sector Bancario Superintendent (Sudeban) reviews the order of a representative of the National Bank of the United States in contravention of the provisions of the Regulatory Act el mecanismo.

“All of the consoles that have been prevented from being punished, in the case of a magazine, in one or more of the main compa- nies. Nosotros has no record of receipts, no permits to dispose of the pueblo, "resigned Superintendent Antonio Morales said in a statement, referring to the Banco Central Venezuela (BCV), the bank and private banks. and test the ventilation punch.

In the present case, the present Evaluation of Resolution 116.17 summarizes the reference to the regulation regulating the contraception that has been effected by the commercialization of the punitive measures, in the context of which the banking institutions are obliged to take action. monto de la prestación del servicios, reset en prensa el finances.

It is embargoed, inspecting realizations that the bancarias institutions have delegated their responsibilites inherent in the service of the venta in the service providers, as may be the case with the bancarias son lias responsables.

In this context, Morales is currently in the midst of realizing that "only a handful of distortions can be transformed into negotiating a group of criminals and nosoters who are in the process of regulating the status quo".

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