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"Soy Mujer" is 5 miles north of the BBDP in 2019

Mediante el Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo (BBDP), a Soy Mujer program with 5,254 funds financed by trades at 8 mil 667 millones 894 mil 577 bolivares with 20 cents per tonne, with a limited number of socially supported initiatives. before achieving a sustainable economy and diversification.

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Currently, 1,522 clients are beneficiaries of Distrito Capital y Miranda. To be traded, in 565 projects in the capital, but in the millions of miles and in the supply chain, 123 financed by a total of 141 million in projects, costs, repairs, panels and other services.

This essay by the President of the Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo, Miguel Perez Abad, has been ratified by this social program, designed to "incite a high calorie count of deceased people, before trashing it in the local community," la lucha contra la guerra económica ”.

Mujer empoderada

In actual fact, there are no solo travelers in the country, as in the case of innovadora, but there is a growing demand for economic assistance from the media. This is what, prior to the opening of the Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo, has been censored as one of the defining policies of the Popular Poder Ministerial in Mujer and Igualdad de Guerno (MinMujer).

Designed by the Primer Banco Socialista de la Nación, allied to MinMujer, the appeal of individualized forms of agribusiness has the potential to be the product of the apparatus and the guarantee of a single maximum calidad.

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