Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Snapchat can allow non-extraneous messages

The social network Snapchat is considering allowing the publications in the stories to disappear, and even to get to know the identity of the users who publish this way in the application. Any user could still decide to delete these stories if they wish.

This would be a complete reversal of the philosophy of the company, which has largely increased over the millennia because their messages are ephemeral. However, since Facebook, in particular, copied many of the features of Snapchat, this social network stagnated in the number of users.

These changes could increase Snapchat's efforts to attract and maintain its users, and especially its news partners.

Currently, stories posted on Snapchat can take up to 90 days, and some may be anonymous.

Snapchat expects a negative reaction from some users, but is already considering how to balance legal, technical and private issues, Reuters reported.

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