Sunday , June 13 2021

Scientists create artificial intelligence like HAL 9000

Stephen Hawking will be attacked. A group of engineers inspired from 2001: "Odyssey of the Universe", have just created artificial intelligence that works as a supercomputer of the HAL 9000.

According to research published in the latest issue of Science Robotics, this artificial intelligence; under the name Cognitive Space Space Architecture, or CASE, is currently under simulation; where he maintains a planetary station and his crew in order.

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Parallelism with the popular Kubrick movie is not accidental. In fact, Pitt Bonaso, chief researcher in charge of the project with TRACLabs Inc., talks about his inspiration for Space:

When I saw 2001, I knew I had to turn the computer into another being, a being like HAL 9000. Our NASA colleagues and colleagues are not worried that our HAL (CASE) can come out of control. This is because he can not do anything for which he has not been programmed.

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