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Scientific foundations of Avengers to save the universe

April 26, 2019 20:44
Updated on April 26, 2019, 20:57

SPOILERS ALTER: this article contains details of the plot of the film Lazy: Engeiem.

In Avengers's new Avengers movie, an anthology man illustrates a typical science case: an idea that sounds ridiculous and inconsistent at first seems to end up as a key to solving the problem.

In the film, that problem is nothing less than the resurrection of half of the world's population, which was ejected by simply clinging to the fingers of Evil Thanos.

In a somewhat clumsy way, the Ant's man is trying to explain that the solution is to create a time machine. What looks like stupidity is becoming a genius thanks to the brilliant mind of Iron Man.

Thanks to these two characters, and Hulk, of course, the film is full of scientific principles that give an interesting nervous touch mixed with action.

What are the concepts that the Avengers take from science, especially quantum physics, and how close they are to reality?

An ant of humans can be reduced to subatomic dimensions DISNEY / MARVEL

Travel through time

The triumph of Avengers depends on their working machine.

An ant, which can be reduced to subatomic scales, believes that the rules of the quantum world will help them make this journey in the past.

In one scene he mentions "Planck Length", which is equal to 0.00 billion and 1 trillion centimeters. To that extent, time and space behave differently, giving them the opportunity.

But in an attempt to travel in the past, the Avengers face another classic dilemma of science, known as the "granddad's paradox."

The paradox raises this problem: if you manage to travel in the past, by the time your grandfather was a child and killed, then you could never have been born, but & mldr; If you were never born, then you could not travel in the past to kill him.

This situation will result in an infinite loop, with which the journey in the past would be impossible.

Avengers have a mission to revive half of the disappearing humanity. | DISNEY / MARVEL

But, as they explain in the article published on the portal The conversation Michael Milford and Peter Stratton, professors at the University of Queensland, Australia, thanks to Einstein's theories, know that black holes can disrupt time and space.

If black holes can do this, perhaps one day we will succeed too.

Recently, researchers at the Institute of Physics and Technology in Moscow managed to get a quantum computer to restore the quantum bit in the state that was part of a second in the past.

In other words, they made a flow of time backwards.

Alternative realities

Avengers open the door to another enigma: the possibility of parallel universes.

In physics, this is known as the Theory of Many Worlds.

Will we ever travel in time? | Getty Images

At a quantum level, the object can be referred to as a particle or wave. That is, the quantum particle can have two states at a time.

According to Theory of Many Worlds, any measurement done by a quantum object causes the creation of a new universe.

Thus, as explained by the HowStuffWorks portal, the universe is divided into two to display two possible measurement results. In the universe the object will be measured as one particle, and in the other as a wave.

According to Milford and Stratton, The Avengers play for this idea of ​​an alternative reality, in which every change made in the past creates a new universe.

A "branching of several time frames" has been created, as teachers call it.

The film of Mobius fascinates mathematicians | Getty Images

The Mobius folder

In his quest to create a time machine, Iron Man has a model of eureka when he manages to design an "inverted Ribbon Moebius".

This tape is what mathematicians call a "one-sided object".

A simple way to make Moebius tape is to take a strip of paper, flip it over and hold its ends like making a bracelet.

This film raises interesting concepts that defy physics, such as climbing or descending. That's why experts define it as a "non-oriented object".

The moebius cart is also a symbol of the infinite, so mathematical concepts and that mystical aura surrounding it give it the perfect combination to emerge in the epic Avengers, where time and space are its greatest allies in battle to save the universe.

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