Saturday , October 23 2021

Samsung introduces the first flexible panel phone | Additional


Samsung tasted its future folding device, which for the first time will combine the fully flexible Amoled panel, which was baptized as "Infinity Flex Display."

The announcement was announced on Wednesday at the opening of the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC 2018) in San Francisco, California, USA, where they had to turn off the lights of the auditorium to avoid noticing the design details of the device, which was also hidden in the casing.

Samsung explained that the device is not ready yet, and what was shown was only a prototype, but it will be available for sale in 2019.

It will have two screens, one outside that will be used like any other smartphone, and one inside, with the ability to display the tablet's functions.

This flexible panel will have a new user interface that will allow windows to be adapted to three simultaneous applications in different screen sizes and spaces, and therefore have an optimization that adapts to the tastes of the user. The panel would have been 7.3 inches, but it was not specified in what resolution. Its production consists of panel folding technology developed by a company that has a new protective layer with a polymer that allows its flexibility and resistance at the same time.

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