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Samsung introduced the new Galaxy A9 pro 2019

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From: Braulio Ramirez Yara | 01-25-19

Samsung just released its new premium mid-range terminal is A9 pro. Samsung struggled with a notch after it came out, it seems to have found a solution that does not know whether to call it the best, they chose a hole on the screen. A few months ago, Samsung introduced it Galaxy A8, with the same hole in the screen, which they call Infinity-O.

But that's not all that bad, thanks to this The "hole" added to the screen allows you to reduce the front bezel. The fingerprint reader goes backwards, we do not have an integrated fingerprint reader. The body the device is made of glass, it has a triple rear camera, located vertically. Gift from Diosite if you bring 3.5 plug or audio input.

Technical sheet:

This new one is not known when you leave Korea, but the price of 600 dollarss. It seems that everything indicates that the new S10 will come with this gap on the screen, which we pray that is not so.

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