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Samsung bid farewell to one of its most promising projects

Among all the current manufacturers and although there have been previous attempts, Samsung is the company that stands out most for trying to get a complete work experience from its smartphones, what we know as convergence.

From South Korea they tried it in a variety of ways, simply giving it a desktop look with a dedicated Android interface, the most widespread and advanced feature, and with DeX Linux, which managed to run full version of Linux on compatible Galaxy to "free programmers from their desktops" and "allow them access to a Linux-like development environment at any time, anywhere."

Now finally announced that they would stop supporting the project, which was applauded, but for various problems, such as lack of performance in this first phase, has never become widely used by developers.

Convergence still has room for improvement.

Linux Dex

DeX's Linux has never failed, but there was a lot of anticipation for the future, which was very promising, as Samsung backed DeX from 2017, which is already more than other similar projects have progressed. The company released these farewell messages to this option under DeX:

"Thanks for supporting Linux in DeX Beta. The development of Linux at DeX is all thanks to the interest of the customers and their valuable comments. Unfortunately, we are announcing the end of our beta program and will no longer offer support for future versions of operating systems and devices. "

"NOTE: DeX Linux will not be supported on Android 10 Beta. Once you've upgraded your device to Android OS 10, you won't be able to restore the version to Android Pie. If you decide to update your Android 10 Beta device, we recommend that you back up your data before updating. ”

As we can see, it is not that Samsung says goodbye to support, which is the first thing that is abandoned, but that When you upgrade to Android 10, all terminals will say goodbye so they can use Dex Linux.

Like this The only way those who want to do so will continue to use the platform is to continue with their current installation of Android 9 Pie, where Linux will still run on DeX. It is sad that there will be no support from now on, no further enhancements and functionalities.

Probably the most important loss is the optimized version of Ubuntu Samsung maintains that, yes, it does not accept X86 applications. There are alternative methods of Linux in DeX, but they are not as user-friendly and easy to use, no matter how much they are intended for developers.

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