Wednesday , April 21 2021

Report more than a thousand cases of measles in the United States

The number of cases of measles since the beginning of this year in the US exceeded the threshold of one thousand, US health authorities announced on Wednesday.

"A thousand cases of measles measles can be a disturbing reminder of the importance of vaccination," said the US Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, quoted in the statement.

"We can not repeat enough: vaccines are a safe and very effective means of preventing this disease and completing the current epidemic," he added.

The publication of the thousandth case occurs only days after health authorities warned of the risk that the United States would lose its status as a country that eradicated measles.

Authorities announced the eradication of measles in the US in 2000, a goal that was set in 1966 with the introduction of the appropriate vaccine.

Smallpox is considered eliminated when there is no longer a continuous transmission of the disease for 12 months or more in a particular geographical area, according to the CDC.

Currently, it is the current phenomenon near the city of New York, which began last autumn boreal, which warns the authorities. If it continues for more than four months, the country can no longer say that it eradicated the disease.

Despite the mandatory vaccination brought by the New York City mayor in the settlements of the most affected Jewish communities, the city registered 173 cases in April and 60 in May.

The United States has never had zero measles cases. Since 2000, the number has fluctuated between several dozen and hundreds of cases per year, with 667 registered during a 2014 epidemic in Ohio, particularly in the Amish communities.

The recurrence of the disease can mainly originate from travelers who have not been vaccinated or who have vaccinated deficiencies that spread to other countries.

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