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Producers of medicines account for 52% of first semester of this year # 19Oct

The industry pharmacéutica venezolana pasa but su peor momento. In the first semester of this semester he produced 55 million unidades, representing only a few in 52 but reluctant to relate to the period of the passage. Y es posible to finalize el año con 100 millones de unidades.

The figures are summarized by Dr. Tito Lopez, president of the Carmel de Pharméutica Industria, quien fue consultado, durante su visita a Barquisimeto, but

In 2014, the ramos of the ramos fabricated 714 million units of medicines. Pero, as part of a city-wide lucrative production debate on the inflation and empirical situation. Constantly reselect that 98 by insisting on using it in its imported state, aggravating the situation by incrementally registering it continuously.

This is an essay that motivates you to learn more about what to do with medicine Venezuela This is the first time that a situation can be resolved for patients and their families to receive emergency medical treatment, regularly.

De varias partes del mundo estan llegando a Venezuela, in addition to the commercially available books on puestos de buhoneros, medicines falsificadas, but suppose to be precise. Pero, that pueden the producer intoxicaciones.

Porque esos productos por the general care of sanitary surveillance on fabricados and many casinos son falsificados but individuals who solo lo hacen before acquiring ganancias files.

Lopez exposeo that the medicines venezolanos no subsidy alguno and the insomnia of all the components activated son adquiridos a free book.

Pero, the vocabulary is regulated by satire, considering the differences that exist in the case of tragedy and bribery of an efficient, legal and sometimes sanitary standard, as well as the casino's national productions.

Hada men hay menor activated in the production of venezolana. In 1953. it had a population of 2,586 empresas. Hoy hay 2,600, aproximadamente. Y en ramo pharmacéutico quedan empresas multinationales, but just in time.

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