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Proclaimed an illegitimate appointment of Arias Karendas as ambassador

April 25, 2019 09:35
Updated on April 25, 2019 23:01

Reinaldo Dias Ope, a Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Committee's Foreign Affairs Committee spokeswoman, said on Thursday in front of the Mexican Foreign Ministry that the appointment of Francisco Arias Karendas would be rejected by the country's government due to lack of legitimacy.

"Francisco Arias Karendas has been examined by organizations such as Transparency International and offers data on about 11 public works that Arias Karendas did not perform when he was in the position of governor of Zulia. In this respect we respectfully ask the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador government taking into account our request, because it is a moral duty to avoid the appointment of this corrupt Venezuelan representative to the United Mexican States, "said Diaz Ophech in a statement.

He condemned the decision announced by Nicolas Maduro in the first days of April and stressed the need to back the transitional government to alleviate the national crisis attributed to the regime.

The media reported on the alleged involvement of the official leader in the Ottehreb cases for the illicit appropriation of unfinished things such as the Oncology Hospital of the West, the Children's Museum, Aula Magna of the University of Zulia, the Lagunilas Sports Complex and Simon Bolivar Road Distributor.

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