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Price of the dollar in Argentina for today Tuesday, April 23, 2019 | Exchange rate Argentine peso BCRA | Argentina | Economy Markets

On exchange rate on dollar in Argentina she worked on Tuesday with a slight increase in hours in the morning, after being closed on the previous day with strong ascents after a long break from Holy Week in that country.

On dollar in the wholesale or the interbank market, it grew by 0.16% to 42.45 Argentine pesos per debt. In the previous session, the US currency closed at 42.72.

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In the first intervention of the day, the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) awarded letters "Lelik" for 155.258 million pesos (3.649 million dollars) with an average rate of 67.889%, according to the operators.

The effects of the recent battery of measures on BCRA to give predictions on the market and to tame galloping inflation, along with another set of provisions adopted by the government to re-activate domestic consumption, were forgotten on Monday after the dollar's return.

During the uncertainty of the exchange, BCRA last week frozen pension bands at the exchange rate by the end of the year with 39.75 and 51.45 pesos per dollar, with the obligation to refrain from buying currencies by 30 June. below the lower limit.

With the idea of ​​removing liquidity, the monetary authority absorbed 163,069 million pesos (about $ 3,823 million) through the auction of letters "Leliq" in the first call of the day, and set $ 30 million in the first tender as ordered by the Treasury on average 42, 6473 pesos.

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