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Press calls for abuse of Megan and Kate to stop social media

The British press has encouraged social media users to reconcile the inadequate criticism of Megan, the Duchess of Sussex and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Spokesmen of the palace have asked for help from the Instagram to track and withdraw insulting comments on the two dukes, who are married to Prince Henry and Prince William.

The aides of the palace spent hours each week in connection with the comments of the official bill of the Instagram palace and removing racist and sexist content.

In recent months, it has been speculated that Megan and Kate are in conflict with each other, which may have partly fueled abuse in accordance with the admirers of a Duchess who critically criticized the other person.

Megan, an American actress who married Enrique in May, is expecting her first child, and some social media users and members of the press have criticized her for maintaining a "stomach of pregnancy" during public engagements.

The Times reported Tuesday in the editorial titled "Will Abuse" that many of the comments on Megan and Kate are too aggressive for publication and that they include threats.

"Women get more abuses online than men and this sad truth seems to be equally valid for the royal family," the paper said.

He also criticized the treatment of Rachel Reilly, a person on British television, who complained of a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse on Twitter.

In response to the rise of offensive comments aimed at royalty, Hello! He launched a "goodness" campaign this week, asking for trolls to think twice before reporting harsh comments.

"For us, it is not acceptable to cause a struggle between two women," said the journalist's real correspondent, Emily Nash, in a video that announces the campaign. "It's not acceptable to post offensive, threatening, racist or sexist comments online, and it's not acceptable to attack other users because they disagree with you."

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