Wednesday , January 27 2021

Portaltic.-Google is working to cancel the arrival of new emoticons from the system update

MADRID, November 25 (Portal / EP) –

Google is working to simplify the process of update new emoticons on Android, in such a way that it does not depend on a system update, but can be updated directly from the Play Store.

Amoroid emoticons are stored in the read-only system partition (system / fonts), in the fonts directory. This means that for its modification, for updating new emoticons, wait for the system update which includes.

However, with the XDA developers they discovered changes to the Android open source project, for which Google cuts links to the source files of system updates, with put it in a new directory (/ data / fonts / files), reads and writes.

With this change, users do not have to wait for a new system update to get the latest emoticon updates, but can download them from the Play Store.

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