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Politicians talk about the release of Karen Palacio

17 July 2019 09:00
Updated on July 17, 2019 09:43

After the liberation of the clarinetist Karen Palazio, politicians, religious and journalists talk about the release of the young woman.

Through Twitter, users celebrated the release of Palacios and condemned the deprivation of liberty of all political prisoners.

"The young clarinetist Karen Palasios was released after he was 45 days in political prison," National Assembly MP Della Solorano wrote.

Information on the release of the young woman was issued by the lawyer of the Penal Forum Organization, Alfredo Romero, who also released a video on Twitter for the moment Palacio received his relatives at the entrance to the National Institute of Orientation Woman, where she was detained.

"For several days working for the freedom of clarinettist Karen Palacio, today was an intense day like many." His mother and the Criminal Forum had gone in all cases, there was a message card on June 18, 1919. But Karen's release today was effective, "said the lawyer in the social network.

For his part, Father Jose Palmar rejected the process of dialogue between the regime of Nicolas Maduro and the opposition. He assured that the negotiations are only served to draw attention to the report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet; the killing of the Corvette Captain, Raphael Acosta Arevalo; the injuries of Rufo Shakon; the flight to Venezuela of the drug-guerrilla Jesus Santrik and the case of young Karen Palazio.

Journalist Luis Carlos Diaz pointed out that the girl should never have been locked up and rejected the way she was arrested.

"The way Karen was arrested and detained is a violation of the just process and shows a model of state arbitrator, who has already been convicted in a UN report," Twitter wrote on Twitter.

Also, Jesus Chuo Torrelba, a former executive secretary of the Democratic Unity Roundtable, an alliance of opposition parties, referred to the Palacios case and stressed that Venezuelans must fight for their complete freedom for all political prisoners. .

Karen Palacio was a member of the National Philharmonic; however, his contract was canceled because they gave up, he was against Nicolas Maduro's government for social networks.

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