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Pokémon CS: this is the Teselia Stone, to be developed in the fifth generation

Niantic has begun paving the way for the fifth generation to arrive Pokémon Go. The game has received a few minor updates in the last few hours that have already found a few new items and pending activation. Among them, Stone Teselia, the subject to be developed in the new Pokémon. Design item based on the yin and yang symbol which also serves as a corner for set games Tesselia, Pokémon Black and White and Black and White 2. The appearance of Tezelia Stone caused more chill among fans of the title, who failed to remember The Stone of Sinoh, difficulty getting it and dozens of people asking how to get one.

In addition, the fifth generation update will include two more unpublished items (in English) path manufacturer and Upgrading to VS sniffer), update Pokédex, add it sensor penser and will include competing rankings, and route generation system and greater depth of the system of friends (food, emotions, meetings).

When will it arrive?

The fifth generation will land on Pokémon CSOs next September 16th and it's worth remembering that it once was added the most Pokémon of all (156). It is entirely made up of original creatures that are neither descendants nor evolutions of previous promotions. He had initials for Swivi, Carpet, and Oaxah and had nine legendary Pokémon, including Coballion, Terrace, Virision and Caledo, Swordsman Pokémon, beautiful tribute to The three Musketeers, a work by Dumas. You can consult the complete list at 156 here.

The arrival of Teselia is not the only news of the title in the last days, in which too Irradiators appeared (here's a guide to catch it) and the dates of all community days are confirmed.

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