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Photos / Arribaron to Maracaibo tanks and buoys for militia maniobras

The flight from the Commando Estratégico Operational de Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana (Ceofanb), Remigio Ceballos, features a twitter train arriving in Maracaibo, a flight of ships, tanks, tanks, boats and other travelers. Venezuelan militias, Soberanía y Paz 2019.

"This domingo of Ejército Bolivariano, the Bolivarian Armada and the Bolivarian Militia are attracted to the Estratégica de Estratégica de Integral Occidental Defensio de Zulia with the protégées de mares and ríos estadados ortadas una amenazas del Gobierno" official agency AVN.

Venezuela, Soberanía y Paz 2019 militia form part of the los ejercicios militaire.

"Unidades de nuestro @EjercitoFANB, @ArmadaFANB y @MiliciaFANB at @REDI_Occidental at the end of the consolidation of the reserves and resorts in the states of Zulia," Ceballos en su cuenta @CeballI.

However, the Armada Bolivariana tweeted: "Buque Anfibio LST navigated in the bar of Lago de Maracaibo.

The Venezuelan militancy of Venezuela Soberania and Paz 2019, the 10th of September in La Fría, the state of Táchira, and the extension of the 28th of September.

The maniobras included the mobilization of only 150,000 people within 2,200 km of Colombia.

Designed to be ordered by Nicolás Maduro's president, he denounces the supremacy of Iván Duque's Gobierno before impulsing a "militant conflicto".

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