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Numbers of Vinotino support Operation Libertad

30 April 2019 14:40
Updated on April 30, 2019 17:35

Players and former team players Vinotino demonstrated in social networks in favor of Operation Libertad, called to achieve the termination of usurpation in Venezuela.

Defenders Osvaldo Viscarondo and Gabriel Chikero called for "freedom" for the country. "Come on, Venezuela! Come on, Vinotino!" Former footballer Alejandro Moreno wrote.

Leopoldo Jimenez, a retired player, has called for a "new day" for "unhappy Venezuela": "San Miguel Arcangel, can cover your armor and protect Venezuela, will your sword rid the earth of evil, can your powerful light lighting the sun a new day in our unhappy Venezuela. "

Interim President Juan Guaido called on Venezuelans and the National Armed Forces Tuesday morning to carry out Operation Libertad.

Guaido was accompanied by opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, jailed for more than five years for political reasons, and released on Tuesday.

Hundreds of people took to the streets to support the call of the interim president in order to break the usurpation of Nicolas Maduro.

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