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NFL Mexico 2018: The Chiefs-Rams will not be in CDMX by the Aztec court


It was in early 2018 when they decided to change the Azteca Stadium with hybrid grass, and this is the moment when there is not one hundred

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mexico –

Terrible conditions in which the Aztec stadium pitch is located there would be a reason why The NFL headquarters are changing headquarters in Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams of Week 11which is agreed to play in Mexico City next Monday, November 19.

According to ESPN information the party moved to Los Angeles if the Azteca Stadium authorities can not guarantee a lawn that meets the NFL standards.

It was on the 16th day of the MX League match, Cruz Azul received the Lobos BUAP, where Azteca grass showed the worst conditions of the tournament and this may have consequences that the American Football League will change duels in Week 11.

Throughout Tuesday NFL staff will dictate whether the game between the Heads and Rams will take place or not in the Colossus Santa Úrsula.

"We work closely with the field manager at Estadio Azteca to make sure we have the surface quality for our game," The NFL told the US agency AP in a statement.

From September last year, the NFL director in Mexico, Arturo Olivé explained that the Azteca stadium was under the microscopebut they were convinced that the grass would do the job.

It was at the beginning of 2018, when it was decided to change the pitch for hybrid grass, the same as not "hitting" hundreds of continuous games that are weekly challenged, considering that America and Cruz Azul are playing local and that the first meeting of the Female Eagles was in the same; adding concerts that have already been agreed as Shakira and the anniversary of Telehit.

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