Saturday , April 17 2021

NBA and King open research for coach Luc Walton | Sports gossip

On Sacramento Kings and NBA They opened a joint inquiry Thursday charging that coach Luc Walton sexually assaulted a woman.

Walton's lawyer, Mark Boutte, He said the allegations "have no basis" and said the technician will prove it in court.

Tennant, 31, says that Walton attacked her while serving as a technical assistant at Golden State Warriors, that is, between 2014 and 2016.

Tennant said that at the time he had entrusted the incident to certain people, but never filed charges of fear. Your lawyer, Garo MardirosianHe said that because he spent several years, he believes that at this point it would be difficult to present a police report and to compile a crime.

Tennant noted that Walton continued to harass her after she became a coach The Lakers and she worked in Los Angeles for Spectrum SportsNet and SportsNet LA. Now make a podcast for wellness.

Tennant said that he considered Walton, 39, the son of a member of the Bill Walton Hall of Fame, old friend and mentor. The coach wrote the booklet she wrote in 2014 and went to give him a copy of the hotel where he stayed. Santa Monica during a game of warriors in Los Angeles.

Tennant said that Walton found her in the lobby and invited her to her room. After the conversation about the book. Tennant noted that Walton suddenly grabbed her against the bed and started kissing her against her will. Tennant suggested that when he asked him to stop "He laughed at me."

Tentant said that Walton stopped and went to the door of the room when he restrained her and kissed her ear and neck. He said he finally stopped, laughed and said "What a pleasure I see you", before leaving.

The research team of the Kings will be led by Sue Ann Van Dermiden and Jennifer Dauti. Van Dermiden is the founder of the law firm Sacramento Van Dermiden Maddux and an expert on labor laws. Doughty is an experienced researcher and senior lawyer in Van Dermiden Maddux. // AP

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