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More than 7 hours a tanker driver is needed, but in Maracaibo there are "wikis" queues

More than 7 hours a tanker driver is needed, but in Maracaibo there are "wikis" queues

The long queues at Maracaibo's petrol stations are not decreasing. More than 7 hours can take a tanker driver, while the so-called. "VIP" queues are emphasized at several gas stations in front of the officers' eyes.

At the Maracaibo Services station, located a few meters from the Miranda building, near the La Limia Avenue, the line of more than 50 vehicles has been lost and there is no military presence. There is a "VIP" queue of about 10 cars, where private drivers and officials of PDVSA are waiting for quick tankers.

"I have six hours of waiting, there's a lot of corruption, I'm a doctor and I'm losing the day in the line, while others pay 40,000 cashouts in cash and pass quickly," said Roxana Palmar from the Bolivar district.

Amounts to get a VIP ticket at gas stations vary between $ 5 and $ 10, or they can be paid in Colombian pesos.

At the same time, the exploitation reigns on the El Turf bomb on the bypass 2. There were two preferential queues that gathered more than 30 vehicles. "Here we are coladins," said an ironic driver, while the "legal" line, on the other hand, was so long that he entered the San Rafael urbanization with more than 150 vehicles.

The drivers protested that the line "went very slowly" at El Turf.

"I do not know what these cars are doing, dumped by myself, I'm here from 3:00 in the morning and the line is moving very slowly, but that's the reason," Arnaldo Lopez of La Paz said.

In bombs like Amparo, located on the same pathway artery, although there was a line, it was not filling. Drivers waited for a gondola to arrive. "We wait here … they tell us that it comes after a while, we stay here," said Romer Alvarez.

However, at the Las Lomas E / S, the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) arrived at 10 am to put order on the site. The drivers who were in the vicinity had to retire. "But wait for them to leave, so you can see how a disaster is again," said the driver.

El Carmen (Las Delia) showed unbelievably many people on the islands and vehicles both at the entrance and at the exit.

"Heat exceeds one, it can not be possible that one is more than 7 hours in the ranks of these … Where are the 25 intelligence teams that were supposed to put an end to the mafia at the service stations?" asked the southern Osdalys Urdaneta, by El Baio.

In El Paddle (Av Padilla) there was a preferential line that entered through the pump outlet. However, La Calzada EMI (El Milagro) was organized by military personnel.

Thus, the tail was searched by officials in E / S Services Maracaibo.
That was the look of the line for officials in E / S Services Maracaibo.

Regarding this issue, the governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto, said: "You go to Syria or Afghanistan and it's the same. We are kings, because in this war that we have proposed gringos, we can still arrange and arrange queues. That there is a clerk or firefighter there, who at best tries to recharge or place a family member or friend, can happen, but we are in full warfare.

He added: "There are many questions about gasoline, there is a census, if there is no gasoline, there are gas stations without distribution of gasoline, but whenever there is a breakdown, the distribution cycle, which is usually about 400 stations of service, falls and starts to we reactivate the Bajo plant and then install the turbines, and then we start pumping and distributing in Gandola, we will put a guard on Gandola to empty the truck. "

On Tuesday, May 15, Interior, Justice and Peace Minister Nestor Revorel said 25 intelligence teams were deployed in the country to investigate charges at petrol stations "to apply the full weight of the law to the one we are going to we file it to the appropriate criminal jurisdiction. "

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