Wednesday , January 27 2021

MLB: Randy Arozarena in negotiations for a dream travel movie

The Cuban star gardener of Rays on Tampa Bay Randy Arozarena is in negotiations to carry out movie for the trip to A. postseason dreamed in MLB.

Really the agent of Randy He said he spoke to a production company to make a film about his trip from Cuba to Mexico and the United States.

It really is an amazing story and convincing Randy That’s what got him out of this difficult journey.

That trip allowed him to reach the Big Leagues where in 2020 he had a post-season full of history.

The Cuban has an average of 350 averages, 10 homers, 14 RBIs in these playoffs and set several records in the current post-season.

The 10 domestic flows of Arozarena is a sign for these instances, as well as hits with 28, surpassing the previous record of Pablo Sandoval with 26.

Hopefully we can see that movie very soon, but while the details are finalized, Randy you can worry about continuing to improve the script

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