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Minesalud transport services

But there was a lunar eclipse that reconverted the cache that had been localized in Maana after the lunar intrusion of the Vista Real urbanization, in the Charallave-Ocumare autopista. Se trata de Nerwin Salvador Díaz, 28, is transporting the Minister of Salud, casado y con una shade.

Díaz's family acedieron the 16th of August at the Ocumare del Tuy morgue, both reconocieron el cuerpo, reminiscent of the Victorino Santaella de Los Teques hospital morgue, but a lunar en espalda and various cicatrices.

The Salud minister's truce is scheduled to be aired on the 11th day of a visit to Padua in Ciudad Betania, in Ocumare del Tuy. Find more information about Altos del Dividive urbanization in Charallave and how to get there. The family has all the information to be found in the Cicpc-Valles del Tuy, which is the deserted area of ​​the Plaza Vieja de Charallave and the Fiat Palio in addition to the one provided with this document.

Capturados ladrones. Officials of the Subdelegation of San José Barlovento feature Roismaris Arena Landaez (22), Héctor Julio Cárdenas Zambrano (25) and José Angel Angel Villasana Perez (39), who are dedicated to providing a wide range of services to the United States and the United States. Miranda.

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